New Sticker Pack? | july 2019

As the summer starts to wind down, I find myself falling into a new rabbit hole. This new interest, being the world of mechanical keyboards. Though it’s something niche, I find myself falling more and more in love with the idea of becoming involved with the community, or even doing more with mechanical keyboards. I even dove head first into it, building my first ‘keeb’ as opposed to buying a pre-built factory one.

Part of the fun is the infinite combinations available regarding mechanical keyboards, and the process of building them. This of course begins with what I’d consider the heart of it, the mechanical switches themselves. Which brings it back to the title of this post. I think I’m going to be trying to create a 4 sticker pack of the mechanical switches, with one from each basic category.

As of now, I plan on doing Gateron Yellows, Kaihl Box Jades, Chocs, and Orange Alps. Here’s a sample of the style below, with the colors for Gateron Green ( what I built my keyboard with ).

7-11-19 switchy 2.png